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I'm from a little mountain town, Manitou Springs, Colorado. I grew up in the same house until my Sophomore year in college. Knowing there was more out there for me, I took a chance and moved to Washington State where I attended and graduated from Evergreen State College in 1992. My Senior year, the course of my life changed when I had a vivid dream that I turned into a whale. It was so poignant that I immediately decided to study whales. After gaining experience in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, I finally obtained a position with a non-profit in Gloucester, Massachusetts. I was a Staff Scientist studying whales!!!

Unfortunately, I was dissatisfied with the reality of what studying whales turned out to be. Low pay, a lot of travel, and grueling hours in the elements. I had to re-evaluate my passion for whales, and as I did this, I happened to be painting my nails. I looked down and said, "I can do this, I can do this anywhere the whales are!" Five days later I was sitting in a Boston beauty school training to be a Nail Technician. I literally went from whales to nails!

I opened a one-room nail salon, Nails On Broadway, and won my first Industry Award from Nails Magazine for Runner Up, Nail Salon Of The Year, nine months later in 1996. Once that happened, I was offered positions teaching nail art and nail wrap classes for beauty supply stores and conventions around New England. I became a Nail Technician, an Industry Educator, Published Author, and Entrepreneur all in one year. I continued on to receive awards from my community business network, such as Entrepreneur of the Year in 1998.

About two years into my nail career, I developed an allergic reaction to artificial nail products, which was handicapping my ability to use my hands. I thought to myself "nails are an extension of the skin. I should go to Esthetics school!" I did and took to it like a whale to the ocean! I was fortunate enough to have found an excellent and highly regarded school in Woburn, MA, The Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics,which I graduated from in 1998.

I then expanded my nail salon into a day spa called Wild Ivy Day Spa in Rockport, MA, which in 2002 won Salon Makeover of the Year from Nails Magazine, Industry Awards. This particular circle of my career had now been defined and I felt complete. I then decided to move back to Colorado in 2003.

Honestly, it took some time to rebuild my business from nothing. I found a new approach when I studied Energy Healing Tuning Forks and Biodynamic Lymphatic Drainage in 2012. I moved my practice in 2013 to The Manitou Art Center (inside an artist studio) and named it Healing Springs Health Spa. An amazing thing happened when I used this name: healing really began to take place for people. I became an instrument of the healing. It really all came together when I  trained with Phytobioderme  in 2014 and began employing energetic skincare and in 2017 when Super Esthi Skincare and Supplies, my inner superhero was born supplying energetic skincare and trusted dermaplaning supplies.

Throughout my life--from high school with youth group and Sunday School, to college with Water Aerobics Instructor and Zoo Docent, to Alaska on The Alaska Marine Highway with the Forest Service, then to the whale watch boats, and finally to the nail and spa industries--I have always found myself in a position of educating others.  It is a lifetime path and one I enjoy very much.

I am now on a mission to pass along the practice of energetic skincare, lymphatic drainage, and energy healing to other spa professionals. I see it as a solid trend in the spa industry and what the sophisticated client is seeking. It is a path that sets the practitioner apart and provides immense personal satisfaction to any practice. I have a profound passion for sharing my knowledge and educating others. I strive to give my students the best information and educational experience I personally can provide. I care about you and your practice and will go the extra mile to support your learning experience so you will feel you got more than you expected.

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